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5 ways to keep your spirits up and overcome your tiredness during lockdown

Try these useful 5 tips to stay positive and motivated and to get rid of your tiredness this lockdown or anytime you feel stressed.

With the new daily rising COVID caseloads, we're again back to the same place - inside the four walls. It can get overwhelming to read the news constantly and to know of the suffering of our fellow beings - the situation feels hopeless. Not only that, we are experiencing constant fear and worries about the health of our loved ones. Working under this overwhelming situation is adding up to the tiredness irked by the stressful situation. There might be a high possibility that you are going through pandemic fatigue.

To beat pandemic fatigue, you can try these ways to overcome these emotions, feel better and take care of your mental health. Share your thoughts or something you think may help others or have helped you in the comments below.

1. Make Dopamine Your Friend

When we get something we want—a promotion, an ice cream cone, or a kiss from a loved one—our brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is often known as the "feel-good" neurotransmitter because it makes us feel good. It's possible to manipulate your dopamine levels by setting small goals and then accomplishing them. The satisfaction of ticking off a small task is linked with a flood of dopamine. Medications that affect the dopamine system can be very addictive.

Research suggests that Dopamine motivates our cognitive skills and enhances our memory power. Dopamine plays a vital role in regulating our mood, body movements, improving attention, motivating the nervous system. It also treats ADHD syndrome.

Try breaking down a large objective into tiny, dopamine-friendly chunks the next time you want to achieve something major. Another smart way to achieve your goals is to stop telling other people about them. According to a 2009 survey, telling people about your goals will give you the motivation for reaching your goals

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of your goals. Stay consistent, change your environment, and bask in the dopamine. You just might change your life. As Stephen King once said: “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration—the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

2. Release Tension With Yoga Nidra

The above-mentioned tips may take some time to show results. If you’re traumatized by the current stressful situation, you can turn to deep relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a highly effective meditation technique that is also one of the most simple to learn and sustain. You can join my upcoming workshop to learn Yoga Nidra. I’ll guide you through trauma-sensitive deep relaxation Yoga Nidra class. Click here to check for details. It’s starting on the 3rd of May.

You can also listen to a guided deep relaxation here:

You can also visit my youtube channel and go to my Instagram (@chinmayeepai) to access short guided meditation to feel relaxed.

3. Manage Stress With Slow Yoga and Meditation

A high degree of persistent stress is one of the major causes of exhaustion and lack of energy. Many adults are experiencing stress, trauma fatigue due to various lifestyle factors. Although acute stress keeps us conscious and gives us a burst of energy to get things done, chronic stress is dangerous for our bodies.

A study was conducted on 51 patients, chosen randomly. The study concluded that meditation is an effective measure to combat stress.

After assessing almost 19k citation 47 trials with 3515 participants, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD concluded that meditation is a moderate aid to anxiety and stress. The studies could be accessed here.

Practicing meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises will assist you to manage stress. . Meditation calms down the nervous system as slow breathing signals the brain to calm down. That’s the reason that we feel relaxed and energised after meditating. Slow-paced yoga is another wonderful stressbuster in the modern-day world.

If you’re overwhelmed and feeling restless right now, take this quick guided meditation below to relax your nerves:

4. Breathing techniques to energize and strengthen your lungs

Energizing breathing techniques are another tool you can put to use to de-stress yourself in this time. Breathing is closely linked with our feeling, you may have noticed that your breathing tends to get erratic, shallow when you experience emotional agitation. Paying attention to breathing, and controlling it consciously will help you to slow down.

You can try yogic breathing techniques such as pranayama Ujjayi breathing and Deep belly breathing. Ujjayi breathing is great to calm down your nervous system. There are also short breathing exercises that are easy and you can perform them in a minute or so.

You can join me at Pranayama Workshop- starting from May 3rd to learn the art of pranayama and strengthen your lungs. Click here to access more details.

5. Sign up for an online yoga, dance or sports class with your friend

An indolent lifestyle is a major cause of tiredness in the body. You can add simple effective exercises to your daily routine to activate your body. You can choose from wide ranges of physical activities such as walking, light exercises, yoga, slow-paced yoga. Exercises secrets endorphins in our body which play a major role in cultivating good feelings.

Participating in an online workout class or workshops may also help you build a habit of exercise. Having a friend, or a loved one as a workout partner will also lift your mood. You can think of having a workout partner to stay consistent with your workout routine. To check the online classes that we offer here at Bhavana Yoga, Click here.

I hope these tips may find you good and you’ll beat the tiredness and keep up your high spirits during the lockdown. Let me know what you think of the tips in the comments below or perhaps drop a text on my social media handles.

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